Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pine Forests

Forestry is very big business in the Oberon district. In Queensland, Dad often piled us kids in the car for Sunday afternoon drive through the pine forest. As the sun began to sink, animals crossed the road on their way to water. I saw an echidna this time but as usual was too slow with my camera.

Photo: Pine forest, Oberon district

From The Pine Forest Of The Cascine Near Pisa by P.B. Shelly
"We paused amid the pines that stood,
The giants of the waste,
Tortured by storms to shapes as rude
With stems like serpents interlaced.

How calm it was--the silence there
By such a chain was bound,
That even the busy woodpecker
Made stiller by her sound

The inviolable quietness;
The breath of peace we drew
With its soft motion made not less
The calm that round us grew."

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