Friday, January 22, 2016

A favourite haunt

I've been to Sydney several more times this week.  This is my favourite place to spend hours while waiting for hubby.  Will take you on a bit of tour over the next couple of days.

@State Library of NSW, Sydney


  1. I re,member studying there in the sixties I bet it has changed now.

  2. That would have been the Mitchell Library. There is a new wing now which is where I work.

  3. I use both wings. When were you there last? I was there on the Saturday of last week, and I swaer that bike was in the rack just like in your photo. I am working up a story on the abomination which is the Cahill Expressway.

  4. Great composition, but what I like more is the wonderful juxtaposition of lines and textures. Very cool.

    1. I always have trouble seeing well in urban spaces. Glad you like the composition :-)