Saturday, September 7, 2013


There is a road to Cooktown via the coast called the Bloomfield Track but that is reserved for intrepid 4WD types. (Read Daine's blog post to experience that trip).  For caravanners the inland route which is now bitumen all the way is the recommended option.  We set off from the coast heading west climbing along a winding road dense with rainforest, then descending from the forest the vegetation thinned and green pastures returned.  Soon we turned north and the scenery changed dramatically we were back to wide open spaces and straight road.

Now at heart I am an inlander.  While the ocean is nice for a break I find the sea restless and the humidity and dense green vegetation hems me in.   So on this day I felt like I was unwinding and there was a big smile on my face as we zipped along the road.

What I found particularly fascinating on this road was the close juxtaposition of the coast with the inland.  On the eastern side of the road the mountains were clothed in green.  To the west they were dry and thin of trees.


  1. It is amazing the contrasts you find when touring. Enjoy your trip.

  2. That's true savannah country. I can't believe the rainforest was so close either.

  3. Love these type of side of the road shots