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More disappointment

The cry went out, there is a cassowary in the camp.  I grabbed my camera and ran, only to yet again be disappointed.  It's run over the road into the rainforest the man said, flashing the screen of his camera to show me what I had missed.

When we were up this way 40 years or so ago I remember we had no trouble at all seeing them. With all the development that has gone on in the intervening years they are now an endangered species.


  1. Not quite quick enough Joan but you managed to capture a more sedentary character.

    1. I resisted taking the photo until the very last minute. I was hoping for a more lively one.

  2. So sad that they're now endangered. Man has a lot to answer for, doesn't he?

    1. Yes we do ... but we can't have cities and development without destroying at least some habitat. I for one don't want to be living in a cave.

    2. Agreed, but there's progress and there's progress. For example, clearfelling old growth forest and habitat for pulping is not progress. Wiping out entire species is not progress. That is what man has to answer for.


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