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In love

Wow what a contrast to the land we have left!  Rolling green hills, high blue mountains as a backdrop, diary farms and a patchwork of crops growing in rich red soil.  Thick rich yoghurt and creamy cheese.  Before I left I asked myself if we would find a place we liked as well as home.  Well this sure comes close to stealing my heart.


  1. Thick rich yoghurt and creamy cheeses .... sounds like my kind of place. Lovely to see so much green.

    1. It was super green. There is such a diversity of landscape within relatively short distances from here. One of the reasons I liked it (apart from the produce).

  2. I associate this kind of landscape to NSW hinterland regions (like the Tweed, Coffs Harbour, even down Bega way) than to Far North QLD. I guess it's the volcanic soil and the rain that gives the landscape its lushness.

    1. Yes I guess it is the soil, plus being hinterland country it gets a lot of the rain - like all those places on your list. I is somewhat like down Bega way in my mind but the tropical climate adds an extra lushness.


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