Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Royal contributions and next road

We have the New Year off to a good start with three new contributions to the Royal collection.

I have also started a new road Bee Farm Road over at Blue Mountains Journal so you can go visit there or come back next week when I will start a new road here at Sweet Wayfaring.

Royal Club Hotel-Motel, Inverell
contributed by Mark from Clarence Valley Today
This one has to be up with the Royal Hotel in Casino for general ugliness of architecture.

Former Royal Hotel, Glen Innes
Contributed by Mark from Clarence Valley Today
It's a Fergie.

Royal Hotel Sutherland
Contributed by Julie from Sydney Eye
To my eye the city versions just don't have the same style as those in the country.


  1. That collection is getting awesome

  2. All charming in there own way; I saw one in Spain this year and thought of you.

  3. Love the roof on the Glen Innes pub.

  4. HHHMMMmmm... that reminds me of another one I have for you - all I have to do is a) check you don't already have it and b) remember to email it to you!