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Forty Bends Road, South Bowenfels 3 of 7

Rural property with tennis court

Small rural land holdings flank the road, this looks like one of the older ones. I think there was a time around the turn of the last century when just about every rural properly of any presence had a tennis court.  The courts today are often just a weed infested patch of dirt with a tall tangled rusting wire fence.  This one has had a modern face lift.


  1. I would love a tennis court in my yard...

    1. I've got a feeling that if there was one in our yard it would be the weed infested tumble down fence variety. We have lived opposite a public tennis court for 20 years and I've only stepped on it once!

  2. Tumbled down and weed infested is the way I remember many a rural tennis court except the town courts ... they were always kept in good condition in preparation for the weekly tennis tournament when folks would come from far and wide ... parking their cars around the perimeter so as they could watch the game from the comfort of their front seat.

    1. Oh yes, that is how it was in the country town where I grew up. I had forgotten about that.

  3. 40 bends, huh? Why are we Aussies so 'imaginative' in our place names, I wonder?!?!

  4. If we could understand aboriginal languages an awful lot of our towns also have delightfully descriptive names -- if the people who provide us with the history of place names are to be believed.

  5. A nice country cottage. In the suburbs the tennis court was often in the backyard. I played on many of them but they were clay courts. At night we weren't to scream and shout incase we bothered the neighbours.


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