Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blue Hills Drive, Glenmore Park 1 of 7 - A Road that Beckons

Glenmore Park home
We were down at Penrith shopping so I took a look at the map to see which road beckoned.

I chose Blue Hills Drive because it reminded me of Blue Hills the ABC Radio Serial whose  signature tune transported us each lunch time to the Australian country town of Tanimbla. I found a place light years apart from Tanimbla and the people who listened to its stories.

Glenmore Park is one of Penrith's newer housing developments, being about 25 years old and now home to around 20,000 people.

I dislike suburbia so this assignment is going to challenge me.  Let's see what we find.


  1. Well at least it looks a neat and tidy suburb with a nice big tree too.

  2. I live much closer to the city do this trip will be interesting for me too.