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Taphophile is a new 'big word' I learnt over on Julie's blog.  Apparently it's someone interested in graveyards and cemeteries.  So we are doing a little bit of taphophilia at Moruya cemetery looking for an ancestor. This old part was as picturesque summer meadow with Queen Annes Lace and dandelions.

Julie has set up a new meme Taphophile Tragics visit there for more graveyard and cemetery images. 

I'll tell you about the ancestor tomorrow.


  1. Hah! This one image contains many things I hold dear, save possibly CI. Moruya Cemetery, eh? How wonderful. I will be back tomorrow to learn about your ancestor.

    Thank you so much for your support in contributing to "Taphophile Tragics'.

  2. Delightful shots, I love the meadow look.

  3. I agree with Mark - this is a delightful shot! I am quite intrigued by your ancestor search ... can't wait to see what you found!

  4. What a fabulous old fence (I dreamt about an old fence last night??!!).
    Don't those kind of fences have a special name?
    Is is post and rail?
    Did I make that up?

  5. BEautiful. I love overgrown old graveyards.

  6. Headstones among Queen Annes lace and dandelions - isn't it wonderful being a taphophile!!

  7. You can even make a cemetery look scenic. A lovely shot. Looking forward to your ancestor story.

  8. A wonderfully bucolic scene. It seems like a gift from Nature to have daisies and Queen Anne's Lace decorate your grave.

  9. A lovely shot! Yep a post and rail freefalling.

  10. Lovely scene surrounding this cemetery area! A beautiful wildness!

  11. A lovely place to rest and to visit I think.


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