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I was stalking the swans and not looking at my feet.  Suddenly I found them slipping away from under me and the next minute sitting in the middle of these sticky globules.  There were heaps of them ... what are they?


  1. That's the life of a Paparazzo Joan! I can't help you with the globules but was it a soft landing.?
    They look like leaves.of some type of vine but it's not a vine!!

  2. Seeds some kind, like the fruits of the grass?

  3. Definitely aliens. ;-)

    I hope you haven't made them mad.


  4. Well if they are snails, frogs, or aliens I would not want to meet them cos there was a lot of the stuff and they would have to be pretty big.

    Definitely not fruit, they were suspended in some gooey goop. It was near a bar so I thought it might be the the balls from asian pearl milk tea.

    I wasn't tasting to see what they were made of.

  5. Amazing! These look like frog eggs! :-)

  6. " Asian pearl milk tea' ... whaaaaaa?

  7. I am with the others: frog eggs! ;-)

    But really, they look wonderful, don't they?

    Bubble tea ... grin.

  8. Wonderful provided you are not sitting in the middle of them. And very sticky ... I had green globules all down the back of my trousers ... but I have to say I did find the whole incident funny.


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