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Neat lines

I really like the orderly plantings of exotic trees in the garden.  So tell me, why do I find is so ludicrous when I see the neat rows of native eucalypts masquerading as natural forest elsewhere in Canberra?


  1. I can't tell you. Maybe because we are so used to seeing natural eucalypt forests whereas exotics are exotic and thats okay to see in rows. Don't ask such hard questions. Love the lines.

  2. Have to have straight lines to counterract the wheels of bureaucracy ...

    Congrats on making it onto Get In the Hot Spot's list of 25 OZ travel blogs/bloggers to watch in 2012!

  3. Hi Joan, I agree Aussie trees do not do order like other trees can. They are untidy and often very unsymmetrical but that is why we love them even more!
    Re Lismore Rail Station. Yes it is well kept because it is Lismore's main transit station for buses. You are also right about it once being very busy. Many Lismorites used to catch the train for a day trip to Byron Bay in the old days. I have been exploring some of the old stations on the line but often there is nothing left except a pile of bricks, not very exciting. I hope to blog on Byron Bay station which is a very busy place for buses but also has a pub inside the station! But I will steer clear of there until at least Feb.


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