Saturday, December 3, 2011


Knowing you would all be flowered out from my recent Blue Mountains walks I've been holding off showing you any but as always I was paying close attention to the them. 

All of these flowers are seen in the Mountains too.

Small Flannel Flower
Rice Flower
Not sure
Everlasting Daisies


  1. Is the 'not sure' one some type of hakea?? I don't think I could EVER get all 'flowered out' - especially with shots this good!

  2. These are great shots! They reminded me that I miss them in Beirut.

  3. Never get flowered out especially when presented so well and with names. That is my downfall.

  4. Red, I have had time to look it up now. It is Kunzea Ambigua. I thought it was probably a Kunzea but this variety clusters differently on the branch (rather like a Hakea) so I was not sure.

    Mary Ann, city street certainly are rather sterile of naturalised flowers but there are usually parks, gardens and flower boxes in our cities, perhaps not in Beirut.

    Diane, I started with a flower book specific to the Blue Mountains and endeavoured to identify every flower I noticed for a whole year ... that helped a lot. The web is a wealth of information too - there are a couple of sites with images specific to Lane Cove Park. Once I got into the swing of it I now pretty good on flowers in our general area but we quite overwhelmed on our visit to the desert last year ... didn't have a clue what I was looking at a lot of the time. I hope to visit WA in the spring and be even more overwhelmed some day.