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Central Tilba Streetscape

Isn't it pretty.  I love timber buildings like this and the summer cottage gardens are a delight.


  1. Yes, it is.

    Especially for us on the other side of the globe with our more late-autumn-like winter right now, ;-)

  2. It might be a tourist town but it's a very pretty one.

  3. Tilba is a great little town, disappointing about the cheese.

  4. Oh! I do love that picturesque cottage in the top pic and the cute Bakery obviously it has bread but no cheese - gorgeous captures!

  5. I loved Central Tilba when we visited.
    Pretty with just the right amount of decrepitude.

  6. Lovely country houses and gardens and the compulsory Bakery.

  7. 'Decrepitude'. Hah!

    I read all these posts yesterday, just forgot to comment. I have been to Tilba a couple of times now. I like the houses and probably the community spirit, but as with these things, once they go for the tourist dollar they seem less in my eyes. One of the really nice things about Tilba is the valley, the surrounding hills (and rock cliffs) and the way the fog sits.


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