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Bush care

And there are people doing the hard work on bush care to stem the encroachment of civilisation where pollution and garden plants muscle out the bush.


  1. I worry about bush-care. They only have to miss a month and the jungle takes over again ...

  2. Well I hope this lot is successful.

  3. Hmm, I am not sure I understand this ... why the poly bags? Against rodents?

  4. Julie, I am quite supportive of bush care work. By stopping the degradation at the perimeter it can prevent vine infestation etc from encroaching further. Given half a chance the native plants spring back quite nicely. I've been reading more on the topic as a result of Whistlers Rest where my eyes have been opened to the diversity within natural bushland.

    Martina, the plastic guards serve several purposes. One is to stop rabbits and other small animals eating the fresh new shoots. There are rabbits (which are not native to Australia) in the park. They also protect the plants from extreme weather (such as high winds), provide some shade as the roots establish and have a mini green house effect.

    I'm wondering, do you have forest regeneration activities in Europe?

  5. Joan Elizabeth, I wonder, too. No, really, I have no idea about this. Europe is very diverse and even Germany is. I read some stuff today about forests, esp. in Germany. One thing I learned is that the forest in Germany is expanding, it had gained 3500 hectare in the last 15 years.
    So - it is an interesting topic and I am totally ignorant of this topic, duuuh.

  6. Interesting that just today one of the bloggers whose blog I follow posted something about the state of the Finnish Forest.


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