Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lane Cove River Park

We're back wayfaring but not venturing very far ... in fact we are just down the road to the big smoke of Sydney but this is not an adventure among the traffic and city vibe... we were camping out at Lane Cove River park for a week to save us commuting down each day for a rather hectic week of appointments.

It's hard to believe this restful spot is just 15 kms from the beating heart of the city.  We are off on another bush walk my friends where the climate is warmer and more coastal ... there will be similarities and differences from my usual Blue Mountains walks.  Let's go see what we find.


  1. Well, for a start - t_ose eucalypts look like mountain trees!
    Look _ow strai__t and tall t_ey are.

    (new keyboard on order!)

  2. Those trees must be 100 feet tall. Impressive.

  3. Is it a caravan park, so close to the city? Good idea. I've got my walking shoes on let's go.

  4. That is so cool! Have stayed at a hostel in Lane Cove NP. It is a spectacular location so close to all the spectacle.

  5. Diane, yes it is a caravan park, plus tents and cabins. I heard on the radio them advertising for family to come out an try the camping experience ... but it is luxury camping because they don't have to put up their own tent and get pizza for dinner.