Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Royal Contribution

Royal Hotel, Birdsville
Contributed by Gordon Smith

I received this photo in my in-box today. Isn't it a ripper.  I am so jealous that is it not one of my own shots and will definitely go to Birdsville some day before this Royal falls down. 

Gordon is doing a terrific series of his outback adventures at the moment and I always enjoy his bushwalks. I encourage you to go lookANDsee for  yourself.     


  1. I think I love this shot as much as you do. Thank you for the link, his compositions are gorgeous.

  2. Fantastic!!
    Oh what riotous memories the remains of the pub holds ;-)
    Thanks for the link - will visit.

  3. It wouldn't be much competition for the Birdsville pub.A picture with a story. Will check out his site.

  4. I agree, it's delightfully derelict.

    I saw where folks were making contributions. I hope the next time I'm in New Orleans I can get a shot of the Royale Hotel there.

  5. I checked that you had also posted it on the Royal site. Goodo ...

    I agree that this is a ripper of a pub. I saw one somewhere when I went up to Jiggi the other week, but cannot recall its exact location no matter how hard I ponder.