Monday, February 21, 2011

Green grass

The pasture land is still lush and green.


  1. Golly is is swathed in the stuff. The background is Flinders, eh? Yes, I can see that now.

    Did you see the docu by Paul Lockyer on the ABC last night about the greening of the inland. Had me totally mesmerised with the continual overlaying of before and after images and tracing the progress of the waters from September 2009 until this January. Such a good pice of film. He is a remarkable rural reporter, is Mr Lockyer.

  2. Yes I watched that doco with delight comparing it with our own Lake Eyre trip.

  3. Yes, we watched too, although Bill watched parts of it through his eyelids. It was a great piece of work.
    Love your green pasture. The grass under the trees in our forests is taller and greener than I have ever seen it.