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A new twist on abandonded

Is this really an abandoned hut being eaten by a tree?


  1. A variation on the Big Bad Banksia Men?

    If it were in the city, I would think it was shelter for the homeless ...

    Can I use "were" and "was" in that sentence like that? Sounds right to my ear, so I let it stand.

    All this needs is a cattle-dog tethered outside, and a hill of empties ...

    The trees down the hillside reminds me of striking flint-stone at every stride ...

  2. What a find! I believe the tree is taking the place of the old hut!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. reminds me of something --- some harry potter thing --- isn't there somewhere a tree munching a car in one of the novels?
    or something out of lord of the rings ...

    very creepy to me - but like JM said: what a find!

  5. Yes Harry Potter is exactly it. When I was looking for a quote/poem I went down a tangent to the Paul Jennings Australian childrens stories Round the Twist and gave up in the end. It definitely matches that childish type of imagination that allows crazy things to happen as if in real life.

  6. what i adore about photography such a canvas for amazing sights!

  7. One day I might ask you about contemporary Australian writers if I may ...

  8. Now this looks less like English countryside. It looks lie some exotic Antipodean tree.

  9. I have been thinking about your other comment about the cottage not really being at all English. And you of course are right. It's just this Australian perception of anything that is a little 'softer' than our usual landscape that it is English. There's nothing English about most of Australia other than our language, and even that is distinct from the mother tongue.

  10. Joan Elizabeth: Some aspects of Australia seem very English, such as the rolling green hills with sheep and the logo of the Sydney underground I saw recently in Julie's blog that was taken directly from the London underground. Other aspects are jarringly exotic such as this tree. And other aspects are not quite English, such as the farmhouse.

    It is fascinatingly looking at these daily blogs and noting elements of each category.


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