Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In keeping with the watery theme, today's picture is of irrigation on a farm near Chifley Dam.

By the fence there was a dam fringed with bullrushes. When I posted bullrushes a couple of weeks ago PJ said they are called cattails in her part of the world. The photo below of the flower spikes in a more advanced stage of development might go some way to explaining this name.


  1. Nice layering effect in the first photo.

  2. Well I never ... no idea about the life-cycle of the bull-rush.

    It is a bit like a froth-at-the-mouth isn't it? But wierdly attractive ...

    I like the light on the bull-rushes in that first photo ...

  3. My Mum sure knew about it. Where they lived a wind blowing from the creek blew all that fluff into the house every year.

  4. My favourite is the 2nd. Beautiful close-up!