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Haystacks 9

While I was taking yesterday's irrigation photo I was thrilled to also snap something new for my Haystacks series.


  1. Oh that must have been such a thrill! It is wonderful ... I can sense it bump-bump-bumping along. It actually looks like a macro of a monster fly with those two massive eyes.

    Good one ...

  2. I have just taken some shots of hay bales myself and was wondering when they became cylindrical. I am sure in the days of my youth they were always box shaped.

  3. In Australia I think the change started to happen 15 or more years ago. There is also another sort of bale that is box shaped but much larger than the bales of our youth Though these huge round ones seem to be the most common in this area.

  4. Julie, you simply cannot always take the words out of my mouth - regarding the monster fly ... ;-)


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