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Day's nearly over


  1. Wow! That line of light down the ridge ... terrific.

    Now why is this smoke deeply affecting and the smoke from the funnels the other day quite offensive?

    Lovely lovely landscape ... you love of place radiates through.

  2. Beautiful landscape. Love the soft winter light!

  3. Thank you Joan for your kind comment!

    And I have to say, this photograph is absolutely beautiful--the lighting really sets the tone. Where is this exactly? It reminds me of Ireland.

  4. Hi Megan, you are in Australia. A couple of hundred kilometres west of Sydney.

  5. Nice shot. The smoking chimney adds to the rustic feel.

  6. Julie, I think this smoke conjures up warmth,homeliness and a rustic lifestyle. The industrial smoke says work. Also, we want our industrialists to be good corporate citizens and get angry when they aren't. Let me hasten to add the industrial 'smoke' the other day was in fact water vapour.

  7. I think Julie took my first reaction. Wow, this really is a great shot. Everything about it. Really "feels" great!

  8. Love the mountain lines here! Wonderful shades too.

  9. really an amazing feel to this image...essence of late afternoon in a beautiful spot!

  10. re the discussion on Strangers ... I agree that this style is your forte ... but you did good at the seaside last summer ... but with detailed landscape.

    You's just a country lass ...

  11. Ah ha ... I've been off to the sea for a few days (south coast), giving it another go, though I did keep looking away from it into the farmland it was so green.


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