Wednesday, April 22, 2015

War Gallery 1

A while ago we went to the War Memorial to check out the new World War 1 gallery -- they have done a wonderful job of marrying the old dioramas and museum objects with new technology like big screen images and touch tablets making for a truly informative visit.


  1. I'm glad they managed to keep the dioramas as they are a piece of history in themselves.

  2. I agree with Winam. I will have to go down to the new galleries, too. I was just a few weeks too early last September. Shant go down for a few months yet, though. This week is already giving me the dry rots.

    1. Is it the weather or the over the top 100 year stuff getting you down ... I think it's both with me.

  3. ... the over the topishness ... and the concept being hijacked by all and sundry ...