Saturday, May 24, 2014


On this trip I had some hours to kill in Civic and what perfect weather for doing so ... just sitting on a park bench reading a book in the golden autumn light rather than walking around the City Centre mall window shopping and buying things I don't need.

Then I struck on an idea of finding Animals in the city like I did in Sydney so over the next week I'll show you what I found.


  1. Joan, I've definitely got to get into Civic when next in Canberra. Seem to spend time at the malls but I've never seen this fellow.
    Looking forward to seeing the animals too :D)

    1. He he ... the thinker is a real person. I hope he is not still sitting there when you get to Civic. Mind you Civic is another big shopping mall these days.

    2. Oh wow - I've been had... truly and utterly... lol - what a sneaky Joan you are.
      Well done and hugs ;D)