Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lake Windemere 2 of 7


  1. Great reflections. Glad to see you back. Where is Lake Windemere other than in England's Lake District

  2. Well these last two shots have certainly made my heart sing .... sitting here in 45*c heat I need all the water pics I can find. Lake Windermere is a real treasure and for captures on the run they are superb.

  3. When I hear the temperatures down south is makes me glad I live in the mountains. We think anything over 30 is hot

  4. Cool and calm. What the local wildlife would give for a slice of that now. Poor birds are zonked out, beaks open, waiting for the cool change expected tomorrow.

    1. We were out that today. It was 38 and I notice the dams are beginning to dry up. I hope you got your cool change. I think ours is still a few days away.