Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sugar cane

From Gympie we moved on through Brisbane to visit more relatives then on down the coast a little way  before turning back inland.  The cities and coastline are too busy for me, I can't even begin to see photographs there.  I much prefer the quieter rural inland.

The crops are very different around here -- sugar cane, pineapples, bananas, macadamia nuts.  This is a field of sugar cane.


  1. Great photo Joan. As soon as I see the words sugar cane, it instantly takes me back to when we were driving through far north Queensland during harvesting time... an overwhelming sweet cloying smell of the sugar mixed with the humidity. A nice memory :D)

  2. So you are not a street photographer. Me either but I would like to be. Nice shot of the cane fields and brewing rain. Wish we could get some now.

  3. Nothing like a good cane fire at harvest time!! Although I don't think that's done so much anymore?