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Just outside Lithgow are the big coal fired power stations at Wallerawang and Mount Piper, currently government owned and following a government decision last week soon up for sale.

The unions are saying the price of electricity will rise, but it beats me my power bills have been rising anyway.

Wallerawang started operation 1957.  There is a much older town of Wallerawang nearby.

Visit Wallerawang at 100 towns to learn something of its history.


  1. To keep rising costs to a minimum, I am using less electricity. Have not had the heater on yet. Close up early, and wear more clothes.

    I think I prefer delapidated farm houses to this. Although, I know, I know, it has its role ...

    1. I was trying that too but piled on so many clothes I looked like a Michelin Man. I gave in and turned on the central heating today ... it was 9C in the house at midday.

  2. It spoils the scenery and the atmosphere.

  3. First thought: something from outer space landed there. :-) Great shot!

    1. He he. My husband keeps on watching shows about UFOs on the history channel. I must let him know there is one over near Lithgow.

  4. So what happens to the plant when they sell it?

    1. Paula, a power company will buy the assets and continue generating electricity. The idea is the government gets the money to spend on things like our publically owned hospitals and transport infrastructure.

      And hopefully our electricity gets generated more efficiently and sold more competitively so eventually the price of electricity will fall.


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