Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abercrombie Caves

Ten or twelve kilometres down the road from Trunkey Creek and down a winding track is Abercrombie Caves. This is extension of the limestone cave system taking in Jenolan Caves, Abercrombie Caves and Wombeyan Caves.

Being a bit caved out from taking many visitors to Jenolan Caves over the years we have never visited these caves but we have camped at the grassy spots beside this rocky creek.  On this day is was getting late and the local wildlife were making their way down to water.

I've added Abercrombie Caves as a locality over at 100 Towns.


  1. That's just about a perfect locality shot of roos hanging out by the river. Never been to Abercrombie Caves (or Wombeyan for that matter). Must see them soon.

  2. Ditto with Winam.

    The 'roos look very fit and healthy, as they should be under the current condition. It is way long since I have stood beside a crystal clear creek and skimmed stones ...

  3. This would be a lovely photo even without the kangaroos. What a wonderful bonus!