Monday, March 26, 2012

Littleton at Napoleon Reef

Across the paddock from the hidden slab hut was this attractive old farm building. You never see places like this when zooming down highways, that's what's so wonderful about mooching along the side roads.

With a little bit of googling I discovered these old buildings are on a property named Littleton which was originally 10 acres and conducted as an orchard specialising in apples, pears and cherries. This is a packing shed from the orcharding days. Today is it part of a beef cattle stud.

I've added Napoleon Reef as a locality at 100 Towns.


  1. Excellent googling, m'dear. I love how you are framing these. So adds to the story they (and you) tell.

    I agree about mooching ... that is what life is all about really.

  2. Apples, pears and cherries ..... I love the dipped in roof and the thought of days when fruit was in abundance & Mamas were baking cherry clafoutis and caramalized pear tarts.

  3. Lovely and very well composed.