Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer - Drowned Trees

A characteristic of this lake are the trees drowned when the lake filled after building the dam.


  1. Makes for awesome photos, though.

  2. Typically the area around these drowned trees makes for good fishing.

  3. Silly me, should have looked at this one before commenting on the post that follows.

    It's too bad for the trees, but maybe the beautiful photos (and good fishing) make up for it.

  4. Bill apparently the fish stocks dropped off in the drought because there is a box at the camping area reception collecting donations to replenish the fish stocks.

    Mary Ann, not a silly question. We've just gone through a 10 year drought and it go very low but if seasons are normal it will fill up to hold us over to the end of the next drought which hopefully won't be as long as the last one or quick to return.