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We end this series at the lookout overlooking the town.  You can see the cement works in the top picture.  In the one below you can see the avenue of poplar trees and if you look carefully you can also see the ropeway running across the foreground. And from this vantage point you can readily see Kandos is a small town in a lovely landscape.  I hope you have enjoyed the tour.


  1. It's a great view. I love all the colors in the landscape.

  2. waddya mean, 'rope-way' ... I love all this country town stuff. Ann and I are off up to Grenfell for the longweekend ... but it will be full of blowins like us I suppose ...

  3. It really is a lovely landscape, isn't it?
    Makes me feel all calm, looking at it.

  4. I have enjoyed visiting Kandos, where to next. The view over the town and valley is beautiful and relaxing. Is this town near your property?

  5. Julie, the ropeway carries the buckets from the quarry to the cement works ... that's what they call it ... can't think of any other name that would suit.

    Diane, Kandos is 5kms from our property and our nearest shopping centre. Got something up my sleeve, took the shoots this very morning.

    Yes the landscape in the area is simply lovely and why we bought land here.


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