Friday, December 10, 2010

Weeds and seeds

To wrap up we took an afternoon stroll and I picked the roadside flowers.  When I walk around home I don't pick things ... after all it is ingrained in us not to pick the flowers in the national park.  But this isn't a town in a national park and these are all weeds so I was perfectly happy


  1. and what a pretty picture it makes too :)

  2. Amazing how nice weeds can look when they are not interfering with other plants.
    "weeds are plants growing in the wrong place"

  3. If you haven't said it, I would never guess these are all weeds. Beautiful!

  4. That's just lovely.
    Such beautiful textures.
    I'd take that bunch of flowers over a fancy one from a florist any day.

  5. Yeah, me too ... what Letty says ...