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Three guages

It seems slightly mad but each of the Australian colonies chose different railway gauges narrow in Queensland,  standard in NSW, and broad  in Victoria.  South Australia seems to have been even crazier doing all three!  In the south they had the more expensive broad gauge but could not afford to run it into the outback areas so put in narrow gauge up there. Later the narrow gauge lines were replaced by standard gauge.  We returned to Peterborough because is the only place in Australia where you can see all three gauges. 


  1. I always learn the most interesting facts from your blog (besides the most interesting words :-)).

    This definitely touches my "railwayman's daughter" nerve.

  2. Umm, I am sorry, this could be understood wrong: with interesting words I didn't mean the typo in the title but things like "poached egg daisy" or "quagmire" - you don't learn these at high school.

  3. Bill being a train buff from Europe could never understand this stupid system of each state having a different gauge. I agree with him. The narrow gauge in Queensland is plain uncomfortable on long trips. Amazing shot to capture all three in the one place.

  4. More railway stories to come. As for those typos, I know I am a bad typist.


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