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To me Coober Pedy is a cross between the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland and a strange town in the desert like Las Vegas, not quite real.

Does this look like a thriving town with 3500 residents?  The odd landscape is because many of the people live underground in dugouts to escape the fierce summer heat.  Pipes sticking out of the ground indicate there is a surprisingly normal home below.   We even visited an underground church.

The main street comprises tacky Opal sales outlets and basic necessities like supermarkets, a bank and petrol stations. On the edge of the town they have a golf course that doesn’t have a single blade of grass, just stones with the greens marked with sump oil.


  1. The tackiness is a bit overwhelming. I went into the underground church and had a tour of an underground house. Yes, surprisingly normal, althoug gave me the heebie-jeebies. Nice place to visit ...

  2. I quite liked the dugouts and I hate the heat so if I lived there I reckon I would go underground and not pop up again until winter. And yes it is over the top tacky and a great place to visit but I would not choose to live there.

  3. I like how you divided the top photo in two. The colour of the soil is amazing.

  4. That's flat! You would think people who were resourceful enough to build nice homes underground would have more taste in selling their wares.

  5. I reckon it would be AWESOME to live in a cave!


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