Friday, September 17, 2010

Hill homestead

Hill Homestead, Wilpeana Pound

The pound is enclosed with high ridges forming a circle with just one entrance point. (Here’s an image from the air) It had permanent water and formed a natural enclosure for sheep. Inside the pound is the old homestead from when it was farming property rather than National Park.

We returned by the high track which took us a little way up the pound walls.


  1. There's that SA rock homestead again. Thanks for the aerial shot. It is a wonderful landscape, a crater I guess from yonks ago.

  2. Yes, the aerial shot adds some perspective. I'm glad they've preserved it but whoever once lived there had to have known it was a special place. Did they displace the indigenous?

  3. The aerial shot was very helpful to visualise where you were. I see now you are too fit to retire. lovely farm house.

  4. The red stone make wonderful walls.

  5. Julie, I don't think this was a volcano

    Paula, here's what I found "Ikara, as the local Adnyamathana people call it, is a significant place of many sacred Aboriginal rituals, and their Dreamtime stories tell of its creation by huge serpents"

    Diane, not as fit as I would like but also hoping to hold out a few more years before retiring, much as I would like to become a grey nomad.