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Noticing things

We rolled into the caravan park and set up camp beside the small artificial lake mid-afternoon. It's funny what I notice now I am a photographer ... before that I doubt I would have taken much interest in the clouds reflected in the still water or the angle of the sun.

I find photography and blogging has expanded my vision of my country ... not only in the detail but also in the broader scenery and history around me and gets me out and about in a way I never did before. What has it done for you?


  1. Could not agree more. I see much more detail now than before even when I am not actively shooting. This sort of thing (reflections) and shapes like the shed I had on Sunday.

    And the blogging bit gives my photography direction. As you know, I love history, and photography has enabled me to indulge that and chase a story down.

    And every so often, an opportunity/challenge arises in the combination of blogging/photography that sends me off into another direction. Which is gradually occuring at the moment. Just a slight change of direction.

  2. More than anything, blogging helps me reflect on my life and the journeys I've taken. So yes, it is an important part of my life.

  3. I found blogging to be a great creative outlet for my musings about my life and the world around me.

    Best thing about it is that blogging lets me be me, warts and all.

    Thanks for the great blog as it is really cool to learn about other countries in a non-touristy fashion.

  4. That photo plays havoc with my senses. I thought it might be a picture from heaven looking down through the clouds.
    Yes I agree with all your commenters about blogging.

  5. Just beautiful! And I totally agree with you regarding the second paragraph. The things I've 'discovered' from the moment I started posting photos of the places I go almost on a daily basis!

  6. Looks like we all agree about the benefits of blogging. But G ... I'm not quite prepared to show all my warts.

  7. what a stunning spot..i have been able to "travel" to faraway places thru bloggers like you...and seen life in such surprising ways in my own life close to home

  8. It has certainly made me be more visually attentive, to go out and find new places, and to learn the local history when he barrage of questions come in.

  9. Pardon me for being behind--I've been without a web connection for nearly a week. So nice to be web-capable again.

    Interesting question. Since my pictures are of a place that isn't home, it's given me a way to think about what it is I'm saying, and if I'm minding my manners. I've always tried to show Beirut through kind, honest eyes. Honesty can be unkind too, but that isn't as fun for me.

    I love this reflection, by the way. Beautifully done.


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