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The royals

Royal Hotel Caragabul

We had a rest day at Swan Hill, so this is the perfect day to show you the Royal Hotels I collected throughout the trip. A big boost to my collection. I don't do any advance research to know if there is going to be Royal Hotel in the town. It's such a good reason to explore every country town we pass through. Many had wonderful colonial hotels and the Royal turned out to the rattiest run-down pub down the bottom end of the main street but I decided to stay true to my mission and not be lured by the Imperial, Crown, Commercial, Railway and Bridge hotels which also frequented these towns.

Royal Hotel Boorawa

Royal Mail Hotel Jerilderie

Royal Hotel Berrigan

Royal Hotel Kerang

Royal Hotel Wentworth

Royal Hotel Euston

Royal Hotel Temora

Royal Hotel West Wyalong

Royal Hotel Grenfell

Royal Hotel Blayney


  1. Golly you did add a few to your dilly bag! I wonder what it was with country folk and that word? I would imagine some of those flat roofed pubs would require a massive footprint to keep the air cool inside, whereas the two-storey jobs would be far better placed.

  2. I gather the Royal Hotel was a particular type of chain that was/is popular out there.

    Would it much like the motels that would dot the highways and byways of the States here?

  3. G, they are not a hotel chain. As many of them are very old I've decided the Royal Hotels were stopping points for the Royal Mail coaches.

    Julie, it's hard to remember that it's hot out there ... it's been so wet and cool ever since we got home.

  4. So basically like the old time stagecoach stations that we had out here during the later part of the 19th century.

    Very cool.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  5. I love your Royal collection.
    (I think you should have a blog just for them)
    The Jerilderie pub is a beauty, isn't it?
    That must be the pub where Ned Kelly wrote his Jerilderie letter.
    That's one of my favourite Australian town names - Jerilderie - I like to say it.
    I always love that part of the drive up the Newell Highway - the bit around Finley and Jerilderie.

  6. Letty, yes it is the hotel where the Jerilderie letter was written.

    I had half expected Julie to point out that it was a "Royal Mail Hotel" hotel and not a "Royal Hotel" but I wanted to include it because of that fame.

    Funny thing is that I diverted to Jerilderie because that is where I thought the Big Ned Kelly resided but on finding no Big Ned remembered that it was at Glenrowan. I wanted a really gross big thing to show ... so I will have to schedule a trip to the Big Potato instead.

  7. G, yes stage coaches. I read the other day that there is a Cobb and Co, Royal Mail coach on display in Bathurst. I will go get a photo one day. There was one at Hay but it was behind glass and the reflections made the photo no good.

  8. What a collection of Royal Hotels! In India you could do the same with Palace (Hotels) this and that... :-)


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