Friday, February 12, 2010


I had been bleating on all the way about the water wastage. I wondered why they only had Stage 1 water restrictions in place. I groaned when I saw signs saying "Irrigation Water in Use" which seemed to mean it is was OK to spurt water all over the place during the hottest time of day. But when we got to the caravan park at Swan Hill I insisted in a green grassy spot beside the river ... I'd had enough of the dirt patch we had in Mildura.


  1. Not sure about the level of hypocrisy involved, more just human nature. And what one is used to ...

    This is a lovely watering hole and you have captured the reflection so well. A very Australian shot ... which is another level of hypocrisy because as you and I know, Australia is a most urbanised society that clings to the water's edge.

  2. The country we had been through was certainly alien and my human nature responded to the lush green.

    Yes, it's funny isn't it how we have a rural ideal in our image of Australia.