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Sea escape

People like JM in Portugal were giving me a yearning for the sun, sea and escape from the winter cold. The weather was unseasonably warm so we were off.

I was in a holiday mood so why not start with a postcard shot of East's Beach, Kiama.


  1. I love the South Coast of NSW ... the north coast is brash ... whereas this has elegance ...

    That pine tree is showing evidence of strong southerlies ...

  2. Very nice of you, Joan Elizabeth! :-) Is that a Norfolk Island pine tree? If so, what a strange and fantastic shape! It makes this beautiful composition look perfect!

  3. Love the area around Kiama. Gerringong, Gerroa and Jamberoo are my favourite weekend escapes.

    That Portuguese blog has certainly brought back memories of my trip to Portugal, a few years back now.

  4. JM, yes it is a Norfolk Island pine but seems to be deformed.

    Julie, I agree, I just don't get the North Coast it doesn't make me want to return but the South Coast is another matter all together.

    Winam, I'm envious of your having visited Portugal. As a regular follower of JM's blog I want to go there and see it for myself.

  5. Beautiful shot. Feels fantastic!!!

  6. When I look at this again this morning, the strong lines are just terrific.

    Slash ... slash ... slash ... like a painting ... Good composing ...


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