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I love her jewel-sea

As we drove south for 300-400 kms to Eden the water sparkled blue and emerald green fields reached down the the sea. I guess there is a reason why they call this the Sapphire Coast.

From Lord Let Me Live by Robert Service
"Lord, let me live, that more and more
Your wonder world I may adore;
With every dawn to grow and grow
Alive to graciousness aglow;
And every eve in beauty see
Reason for rhapsody.

Lord, let me bide, that I may prove
The buoyant brightness of my love
For sapphire sea and lyric sky
And buttercup and butterfly;
And glory in the golden thought
Of rapture You have wrought."


  1. I so much prefer the South Coast. Look at the rocks here and look at the rocks in the previous post. They looked a bit like lava-stone. These look like granite. And yet the entire Sydney basin is formed by massive deposits of sandstone as Sally so admirably chronicled during December.

    I like this way of linking the text with the image. So from Shellharbour down the Princes (or is it Princess) Highway to Eden ... lovely land this ...

  2. I believe I've heard of Robert Service. Possibly even this poem. The landscape could be California. This is a much more peaceful post than the one I did for today. It looks like you're having quite a time on your trip. Where to next?

  3. And far horizons... don't forget the far horizons!

  4. Be paitient Peter the far horizons are coming a bit later.

    PJ a bit more beside the sea then up over the hills to the land of far horizons.

  5. Picture and poetry a perfect match~


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